Rescue for pregnant dogs and cats

Welcome to CT Pregnant Dog & Cat Rescue. Our main focus is to save as many pregnant dogs and cats in high kill shelters as possible. The inspiration of our rescue was our greyhound, Turner that passed away a little while ago. He was diagnosed with an osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in his leg. He went in for an amputation of his leg and died shortly after surgery from a cardiac arrest. We have also lost multiple cats and another dog back in May 2018, all from cancer so, instead of adopting another dog, we decided to start a rescue for dogs and cats in high kill shelters. The shelters in southern states are overrun with homeless pets. There are many pregnant and nursing dogs and cats are being killed daily. Please support our rescue and help us save as many pets as possible. If you are looking for a certain dog or cat that we don't currently have then contact us and we will look around for you.Thank you for your support.